My Best Creams for Stretch Marks choice and Why…

Hi Dan here, welcome to my site where I share what I think are the best creams for stretch marks and why.

Some are specific stretch mark creams, some are not. Anything on this site has (per my experience) worked to some degree.  I have been fairly successful in reducing / eliminating the majority of my stretch marks.

Simply put, I’ve set up this site having determined to get rid of (and largely succeeding) my stretch marks.

In the end there are three things that I did / used.armscar

  • a dedicated stretch mark cream – I used Trilastin (a full review here) which was recommended to me. A direct link to buy the cream is here – TriLastin SR.
  • a general oil for skin conditioning – Bio-oil (a direct link to amazon).
  • Water (really) !!!!!

Why I got stretch marks

I’ve been battling weight issues since I was young and so have had stretch marks from an early age.

Worse, I’ve been able to remove stretch marks in the past only to replace them again by regaining / putting on weight. However, the weight is good at the moment, and the above steps and creams work for me.

What this Site Hope to Do / and Won’t Do

Look, I’m just a guy who has suffered from stretch marks for quite some time who has done a good bit of research, tried a good few products, and discovered some home truths about the subject.

This site will hopefully guide towards a solution for you, whether it be a commercial stretch mark cream, a regime to follow, or a homoeopathic solution. There are many ways to skin a cat and I’ve tried a good few of them over the years. I’ve even found (to confuse things) that different things work on different parts of the body better – I don’t know why !!

So I’ll put reviews on here for items that I have used and also check out other popular solutions and assess these (in these cases I’ll rely on other peoples assessments. Obviously there are some areas that I’ll defer to other reviews / analysis, e.g best creams for stretch marks during pregnancy, but anything I write will be properly assessed and hopefully you’ll agree with me.

I hope to put other articles also which will deal with the topic relating to aspects of stretch mark management (such as diet, exercise, tanning, vitamins etc.). Many of these areas are potentially beneficial to stretch mark sufferers.

Finally, if and when I find them, I’ll put up any hints and tips that may be useful.

About Me


Dan here, and welcome to my site.  I decided to do this as a way to tell people that stretch marks are beatable with a lot of persistence and a bit of luck.
Don’t let them get you down, you’re better than that!
Hopefully you’ll pick up a thing or two from my site.  I’ve had the same battle as most of you, so don’t feel you are alone. You can read more about me here. Some of the links on this sites are affiliate links (I get paid a fee if you purchase thru them). I wanted to be upfront about this, as it does not affect my opinion on the products.

Useful Sites

Legal Stuff

Fact of Life: Stretch Marks Exist

Its one of those things that we just have to accept, lots of us are going to get (got!) stretch marks for a variety of reasons. Some people are not worried about these scars as they are relatively common and very often completely harmless. However, others desire get rid of these stretch marks in any way possible. There are many alternatives for resolving / reducing stretch marks from natural remedies to surgery. For me, the best way to guarantee a good stretch mark cream is to purchase yourself a commercial stretch mark cream.

Which is the Best Cream for Stretch Marks?

A more than fair question considering some of the stretch mark reducer creams are relatively expensive. However, there may be some trial and error before hitting on a stretch mark solution that completely satisfies you and your skin type. Having said that, some of the commercial creams such as TriLastin are highly regarded, clinically approved, and are more likely to be successful than some of the hit-and-miss home remedies. Other commercial cream like Celtrixa  may need careful checking of reviews to be sure.

If you want, check out the reviews on this site, which I have complied over time. You might find some of it useful. The sidebar – hopefully – will have a link to the reviews. A good stretch mark cream will make all the difference.

What Qualities Should You Look For in A Good Stretch Mark Cream?

Again, there is a wide variety of products for you to try on the markets. Choosing just one and following through with the course (which is important) is difficult.

Here are a few of the things that I looked for when starting to use Stretch Mark Creams:

Price: Not for me the key consideration, but still important. When there are cheaper alternative (such as different oils etc) you must be satisfied that the product is doing what you want and represents fair value for money. For me the price is worth it to reduce the stretch marks from my body. For other they might want to spend less and experiment with different alternatives to find a solution.

Reputation of Company: Companies such as EC Research (who make TriLastin) have spent lots of money proving that their product works. This is more than advertising as testing is done independently. Others have sales channels through companies such as Amazon (the link provides 4 star products), which encourages feedback for all purchases. Both of these are great indicators of other people success with the stretch mark reducer creams and give an indication of whether they’ll work for you.

Availability: As it may take some time to get rid of / reduce all your stretch marks (I’ve got loads :(). Make sure that you buy a popular brand that is readily available on the market. End of line sales are great, but not if you’re left half way through a treatment!

Guarantee: The first tell-tale sign of a good stretch mark cream is the fact that they are guaranteed. This is a sure fire way to be confident that the company has some faith in the product. They’re not going to waste money promoting a product if all sales are returned. Once again remember that you may need multiple bottles of a product to deal with stretch mark reduction. Companies are relying on you to purchase not only the first bottle, but maybe more bottles if required. The Guarantee is their way of showing that the product will, in their opinion, ultimately work.

Ingredients: The next most important things are ingredients. The preference is for natural ingredients that have been tested and completely safe. However, even those stretchmark creams that have been tested for maternity use recommend you first check with your doctor before commencing treatment. Better safe than sorry.

The other thing to look out for are official (or chemically) sounding ingredients. Often these are safe compounds that have been trademarked in some way to protect intellectual right. If you are not sure ask. A good stretch mark cream will have top quality ingredients.

Overall, stick to stretch mark reducer creams with better reputations – they have them for a reason.

For this reason my favourite commercial cream is TriLastin, simply because it worked for me.

What I Use

I’ve already said my three fold approach yielded results for me.  Whatever you use, commit to it fully, to give yourself the absolute best chance of success.


You might have guessed that I’m a fan of this which I consider to be one of the best creams for stretch marks on the market.  Works great for me (so far), but remember to follow the regime to get best results. You can read my review here.

Bio Oil

Recommended to me by my sister Bio Oil is designed to keep your skin healthy.  It helps hydrate the skin and repair minor skin scars and blemishes. I find it easily absorbed by the skin and feel it is doing me good.  The reviews on Amazon (fantastically impartial reviews from actual buyers) are almost universally good, so I’m not the only one to like it. 😀


Maybe old fashioned, or a bit obvious, but my Doctor told me to drink more water and see the difference (both for skin care and weight management).  I realise I’m lucky in that my tap water is good enough (actually really good) to drink, so I don’t have to buy anything.  For those who do, Amazon is a good source if you  bulk buy.

products[1]TriLastin SR – Back Better than Ever!

So, since my original, extremely positive review of TriLastin SR the company have gone and done what many of us didn’t think was possible – improved it !

TriLastin SR is one of the very best creams for stretch marks on the market. It is developed by EC Research Corp, an ‘A Rated’ company according to the Better Business Bureau. This company specialises in creams for specific issues such as cellulite or anti-aging cream as well as stretch marks. All are extensively tested, made of natural ingredients, and have no-quibble 60 day guarantees.

Trilastin SR – Check Out the Site Here!

One of the more established names in the market for all the right reasons, TriLastin is a highly regarded stretch mark cream that has considerable success rates when applied properly. Some critics have grumbled that the cream needs to be applied two to three times a day for it to work, but I believe you get what you put into it i.e. you won’t get anywhere if you don’t follow the rules. The results are there for everyone to see, check the net, there are hundreds of positive reviews, including mine. The official website has several studies including this two year study from actual customer Britney.

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How Does TriLastin SR Work?

TriLASTIN-SR has been specifically created to deal with all kinds of stretch marks, prevent stretch marks, and generally make the skin healthier. Its not only pregnant women who get stretch marks, but other people who gain weight quickly such as bodybuilders and people with weight issues. TriLastin SR contains a variety of natural extracts, proteins, peptides, and anti-oxidants that work with your skin, directly targeting stretch marks. Scientifically developed to maximise stretch mark repair the unique proteins in Trilastin SR are extremely effective.
The company claims you can see the results in as little as three weeks, but I think this is a little quick. In fact it often can take weeks extra from this, and some users give up thinking it hasn’t worked, but it really hasn’t worked yet… this is one of the few complaints I have about the cream.

Trilastin SR – My Recommendation…..

Having to deal with weight problems all my life, I have constant battles with the dreaded stretch marks, mostly from rapid weight gain AND rapid weight loss. I have tried several, with varying degrees of success. TriLastin SR (the older formula) was the best success.
I know that there are many reviewers online that will tell you to buy anything just to make a sale, but I’m not that person. I take pride in being honest with my review on anything.
There are reasons not to purchase TriLastin as well, and I’d urge people to consider these before spending any money (even with the TriLastin guarantees)
  • Cost – Yes, I think its worth the money, but some will seek cheaper alternatives. But isn’t it money well spent when you achieve your desired results? Theres also a guarantee from EC Research Corp for 60 days which is plenty of time to try it. There are also discounts available for multiple purchases, which may be prudent given the time it may take to work.
  • The Time it Takes – 3 weeks is the company claim but it was closer to 5 for me, but then the changes occurred quickly. Its misleading I feel to promise results quickly, and some people will stop the regime as they did not get immediate results. Hopefully you’ll get them sooner than later, but give yourself best chance by keeping going. Remember you always have the guarantee from EC Research Corp.
  • Do you need it? If you are on this site probably yes, but if you are only checking things out, or have relatively minor scarring, maybe consider other alternatives such as bio -oil etc.
  • Application Regime – You must follow the instructions to maximise the chances of success i.e. 3 times daily for as long as it takes. Some people find this awkward – I didn’t and I’m a man in an office – I just excused myself for a few minutes and I was done. If you are not going to commit properly, save your money and try something else. EC Research have produced TriLastin HT, a pre-delivery system to help accelerate the transfer and absorption of TriLastin SR. Its recommended by several users as a complimentary product, but I’ve never used it myself.