Hey, thanks for checking out my ‘About Me‘ page.

So you’re probably wondering why a guy like me is so bcfsmthenconcerned about stretch marks.  For years I was big and getting bigger and the ugly scars were (are) a fact of life.  However, I’ve managed to reverse the weight gain and upped the search to find something that will help with the stretch marks.

Give my size, it’s taking years to lose the weight safely but at least its given me time to experiment with bcfsm nowdifferent creams and treatments.  🙂 The results of these experiments and experiences can be found on this site.

Hopefully, this’ll be the last time I’ll be losing weight so I’m wanting to see the back of stretch marks permanently.

I’d recommend a ‘proper’ stretch marks cream (which ever you choose), and then proper moisturising afterwards to optimise skin health (I use bio oil).

Whatever you decide, try to be proactive and do something.

Thanks for reading, I wish you the very best for the future, I hope you get sorted 😀 .