What Results Do We Want?

The result, no matter what method we use, is to get rid of / remove /obliterate the stretch marks. We then should look at the methods available, which are using an oil / stretch mark removal cream, laser treatment, or in extreme cases surgery.

Using Stretch Mark Removal Cream- Considerations

Stretch Mark Removal Creams are a proven, non-invasive method of diminishing or getting rid of stretch marks. However, it may take some time to find the one that will do the best job for you. Many people swear by bio-oils for stretch marks which essentially combine moisturisers with vitamins to improve the health of your skin and reduce scarring. There are also dedicated stretch mark creams and the best creams fir stretch marks improvement are the ones that are well established. Check out the reviews on this site for many stretch mark creams like Celtrixa, and TriLastin.

The downside of stretch mark creams is twofold.

  1. You must follow the instructions for maximum affect.
  2. It can take several weeks [up to six weeks] for the creams to take affect. As a result people get impatient, take short-cuts and do not get maximised results.

So, find the one for you, stick with it, and get the best results.

Laser Surgical Treatment

Laser surgical treatment is quite convenient because it is non-invasive. There’s no time to recover or incisions to consider. You will find no major health problems and it is less costly and fewer complicated than surgery. However, in comparison to natural treatments, the laser procedure will need some quantity of expense. You’ll have to spend from $400 to as much as $1,500 for each session, with typically 10 periods needed for results to appear. Also there are some indications that it only improves the appearance of the scarring, but does not repair the skin.

Stretch Mark Removal Surgery

The way in which the laser stretch marks removal method works may be the laser is strictly directed in to the skin that’s discolored to stimulate producing bovine collagen and elastin within the skin layer, which leads to skin cell growth, which, on the lengthy time period will lessen the visibility from the marks by around half. However state that the laser surgery stretch mark removal is non invasive and doesn’t produce any unwanted effects, it’s still smart to read around you are able to about this after which speak with a licensed plastic surgeon about how exactly the body might react to ensure that you may be as informed as you possibly can.!

Stretch mark removal surgery usually does require multiple periods, between three to six or even more, again with respect to the stretch marks and just what treatment the skin doctor feels is essential. There’s no discomfort connected while the process is happening, there can be pinching feeling, but that’s all.

After the process is completed, your skin is going to be tender. New skin keeps growing so the area is going to be slightly sore after wards. There might be redness and slight blistering as the skin is healing, this usually only last a couple of days. From time to time, the healing may take longer, in excess of the couple of days, when there has been numerous periods and also the stretch marks were more sever. However, throughout this healing time, the individual isn’t impeded by any means and goodies the region just like a small burn.

So, if you’re someone embarrassed by ugly stretch marks, the time is right you required some positive stages in the best direction. Check out some reviews here. After that you can put on anything you like, without needing to think about it millions of occasions. Greater confidence will be achieved once the scars are reduced.

Those who have went through laser stretch mark removal therapy have mentioned that it requires a couple days for that areas of your skin which were directly specific to heal in the swelling and redness. This isn’t a 100 % fast solution and ought to be done together with long-term solutions like consuming plenty of water, taking vitamins, and taking advantage of creams.

Certainly, stretch marks exist even when you reduce their visibility, which numerous stretch mark removal cream claim that they can do. If you prefer a cheaper, safer and most likely efficient way of reducing the look of your stretch marks, choose creams or creams from pharmacies. But when you are able to withstand the discomfort, are able to afford to shoulder large charges and wish an assured way to get your stretch marks disappear out of your eyes permanently, then go for laser stretch mark removal.

Stretch mark laser surgery may cost between $400 and $1500 per treatment session. This will rely on the skin doctor that’s used. The average cost varies, since each individual will get different treatment and the amount of periods will be different too. Some doctors provide financing and payment intends to their sufferers. Insurance doesn’t usually cover stretchmark removal surgery as it is considered a cosmetic procedure. It’s more pricey that other kinds of remedies, yet it’s a lot more effective and can serve you for a existence time.

You will find numerous stretch mark removal creams, for example over-the-counter creams, aren’t the very best for getting rid of stretch marks but essentially moisturize the scars. It’s possible to also mask stretch marks using a self tanning cream or spray.

Online retailers also provide many of these creams available, but selecting the correct one for the kind of skin could be a hassle.

skin rash

You ought to be very careful within the cream choice because the wrong stretch mark cream may cause breakouts if intolerant towards the elements. You will find some natural creams designed to use natural items, although not lots of people consider allergic reactions when selecting. Furthermore, if a person gives creedence to each one of these particulars, but stays a nice income on the particular cream suggested with a friend along with a similar cream can be obtained for any reduced cost, wouldn’t this be frustrating? To prevent such issues you should discover concerning the items in the marketplace and purchase probably the most appropriate one (effect-smart and cash-smart).

A great way to start researching the best option for any stretch mark removal cream would be to read reviews. Then, when purchasing the stretch cream it’s possible to feel secure concerning the marks disappearing over time without having affected the or even the budget!

If you’re affected with stretch marks be comforted in understanding that you will find creams and creams which are designed particularly to lessen the look of stretch marks. Some creams and creams work well in eliminating stretch marks.Stretch marks are caused by your skin being extended too much too rapidly. This occurs once the body increases in dimensions extremely fast for example what goes on throughout pregnancy or weight building. The marks are really scars that occur in the centre layers of skin known as the skin. Throughout rapid growth the tissue develops too rapidly for that skin to maintain and it makes sense gaps or grooves underneath the skin. Scarring fills these in and it makes sense known as striae or stretch marks.You will find various kinds of stretch mark removal creams available on the market. They are topical items which are put on your skin to assist replenish your skin and lower the look of the dark marks or scars. Stretch mark remover items range greatly in elements and cost and frequently finding one which works well with you is dependent on trying several types.

Stretch mark removal cream is important to individuals coping with embarrassing skin markings. You don’t need to obtain laser surgery to eliminate stretch marks. So many people are going to let you know the items available on the market do not work. It is indeed my firm belief that lots of these items will disappear or eliminate your marks permanently.

When getting rid of marks, it is best that you simply consider your state of health and not simply removing the ugly marks. Using commercial removal creams may obvious your skin, however they may compromise your wellbeing along the way. Natural stretchmark removal creams would be best since they’re safe for that body. Because of this , why you need to choose natural stretchmark removal creams when given an option.!

Where skin damage originally occurs transient textural changes are noted but frequently resolve inside a couple to several weeks however where permanent textural changes and skin damage occurs these become ‘stretch marks‘ or scars.

Using Laser Stretch Mark Removal Option

Several colours of light (measured as wavelengths of laser energy) can be used for laser stretch mark removal, from visible light to close-infrared radiation. Different lasers be more effective for various scar colours and depths. Some scars require multiple applications of various colour lasers to see any results.

With Stretch Marks, if you are vulnerable to pigmentation or textural changes, longer treatment times are suggested. Furthermore, if your blister or crust forms following treatment, it’s imperative the patient doesn’t manipulate this secondary skin change. Early elimination of a blister of crust increases the likelihood of creating a scar. Furthermore, patients with past hypertrophic skin damage have to be cautioned of the elevated chance of skin damage.

Are there Side Affects to Laser Stretch Mark Removal?

Stinging, burning, itchiness, irritation, dryness, or redness in the application site can happen if this medicine is first put on your skin. These effects should disappear inside a couple of days as the body changes towards the medication. If these effects persist or worsen, inform your physician or pharmacist quickly.

I believe that stretch marks are best tackled with a combination of creams and time. The best creams for stretch marks are a mix of top quality and natural elements, which could give the best chances to reducing stretch marks.

Creams such as Skinception and RevitolStretch Prevention cream is a such specifically developed cream that consists of all of the essential elements like Natural Aloe-vera extracts, E Vitamin, D and D3 together with grapefruit seed extracts which will help in reviving your skin that reduces stretch marks.  My preferred choice is TriLastin, which you may have guessed!

Stretch Marks: A Problem For All

The first thing to acknowledge is that stretch marks are a potential problem for everyone. Although there are group of people who will be more likely to suffer this form of scarring, it is not unheard of that stretch marks affecting all sorts. The best cream for stretch marks for you is the one that gives you best results!


Many people assume that it just overweight people that get stretch marks, but the truth is very different. Many different groups of people suffer from this scarring and are seeking how to fade stretch marks. Men, women and young adults all get stretch marks for a variety of reasons like rapid weight gain, rapid weight loss, pregnancy, hormonal reasons, medications, the list is extensive. Even athletes, body builders and those that you see as healthy and fit get stretch marks – does any of that make you feel a bit better?

So DON’T be embarrassed or upset by your stretch marks. They are more common than you think and they are largely controllable with some effort. Most people want to fade stretch marks away from their lives.

If You Don’t Have Them Yet, But Think You Might Be High Risk…..

In these cases, prevention is better than cure. Be aware of how stretch marks are formed [plenty of articles about this on the site] , and focus in on appropriate methods for preventing scarring. For example, you may be prone to developing stretch marks if you expect to gain weight rapidly. You could experience this for several reasons, such as weight training, pregnancy, or a change in medications. Look for information and don’t be worried, lots of people are looking at how to fade stretch marks.

Pregnant, Going to Be Pregnant….

It is generally considered prudent not to use anything too strong while pregnant. Even though most commercial creams are extensively tested for safety, even they in the small print acknowledge a very small risk in pregnancy. The best solution is to use a natural product, which generally will not be as strong as a commercial solution, but has the advantage of being natural, and hopefully being used as a preventative rather than a cure.

They say prevention is better than cure for most things but most of us want to know how to fade stretch marks since we already have them. Many people swear by the early and frequent use of oils and butters that moisturise and give flexibility to the skin to allow for it to adapt to the future strains. Theses are easily available, for example, here is a list of pregnancy safe butters and oils available from Amazon.

Recently EX Research Corp, the makers of TriLastin SR, have introduced a new Trilastin Maternity range, but I have no experience with it.

Other Reasons to Expect Scarring to Occur

Lets get real here. The best cream for stretch marks is the one that does the job for you. There are many rival creams out there because of the demand for a perfect solution, and not everything works for everyone. Many people dismiss the cocoa oils and shea butters as moisturisers and not strong enough. However, others have reported significant fading of stretch mark scarring, so it mat be worth trying.

The more commercial, specifically designed creams are generally of a very high standard. Many people are desperate and when the next ‘miracle cure’ showing how to fade stretch marks enters the market they pounce on it. Time and time again they are left disappointed and sometimes less self-confident as their hopes of finding a cure fades.

The reason for failure is usually twofold:

  • treatment not given long enough to work.
  • the instructions aren’t followed.

Such simple things can be really detrimental to result. Another general thing is to try and be as healthy as can be, e.g. exercise which promotes blood circulation and scar recovery. And make sure you follow ALL the instructions, if it says apply in circle motions or massage for 5 minutes then do it!

How to Fade Stretch Marks? Creams Work!

Some of the best creams for stretch marks are reviewed on this site: Trilastin, Celtrixa, etc. Go read the reviews, and see do any suit you. Remember, TAKE ACTION NOW and within a couple of months you’ll know the difference, you’ll have your confidence back, your body back, and you will feel much happier generally.


Use Diet & Lifestyle to AVOID Stretch Marks

Everyone is aware of stretch marks and the likelihood that they might be a sufferer of them at some stage, particularly if you are in the high risk groups, i.e. heavy men / women, pregnant women, or weight trainers etc. However too many people do not consider the possibilities of NEVER having stretch marks by doing a few simple things to minimise your chances of developing these. If you avoid stretch marks you avoid the need to do something about them afterwards (if you wish).

How To Avoid Stretch Marks (some useful tips)

As we’ve said over and over again, some people will be prone to stretch marks and the truth is there is no way as to how to avoid stretch marks that is guaranteed but you can increase you chances by following these simple tips.

  • If trying to gain / lose weight, attempt to do so at a reasonable pace if possible. This gives the dermis time to adjust to the new situation and reduces the likelihood of any scarring taking place.
  • Remain hydrated at all times, especially when exercising and afterwards. This hydration reduces the stress on your skin (remember – its the body’s largest organ), eases and lubricates your system, and promotes the overall health of your skin.
  • Similarly your diet can have a great influence on the health of your skin, both in general terms, and specifically for the minimisation of the risk of stretch marks. Make certain to maintain a mineral and vitamin wealthy nutritious diet, in addition to consuming lots of water. Oils although calorie intensive can be very beneficial to your body.
  • If you are actively building muscle mass, fuel yourself properly and do the correct exercise regime to give you rewards with minimal risk of scarring. For example, everyone knows you need protein to achieve body mass, but the way you get it can make an enormous difference to your skin. Good quality red meats will be far more beneficial (in skin terms) than a protein shake. The meats will have greater amounts of healthy omega-3 essential fatty acids as well as many minerals and vitamins.
  • If you feel you are light in something health wise, take a supplement. Ensure that there are no negative side effects if you exceed RDA, 99% of time, there will be no problem.

What You Can Do If You Have Stretch Marks

For some of those who have stretch marks, the scars can be devastating – others are not at all concerned about them. A lot has to do with gender, where they are, and scar appearance. When you initially got stretch marks these were light pink or crimson lines along the skin, then your colour faded plus they transformed to another colour of flesh, becoming classic stretch lines.

There are several options available to you if you suffer stretch marks:

  • Do nothing. Really. Stretch marks are a natural part of life and never look as bad as you think they do. So, leave them be, unless they really bug you, and then….
  • Use moisturisers and oils to keep the skin in best condition to give a chance that the skin will heal. This is unlikely to work on its own, as you need also to tackle the scarring. Bio-oils can be great in reducing minor issues and moisturising the skin.
  • Use a dedicated stretch mark cream. There are many available, of high quality – check out the reviews on this site – and try some. The key here is patience and to follow the requirements of the cream treatment. My personal favourite is TriLastin.
  • If you are unhappy with the stretch mark cream results, see a doctor who may recommend a different course of action. Ultimately you can have surgery, but be warned, there is no definitive proof that this works in the long term. Worse, the surgery itself can sometimes lead to new scars on the body.

I hope the few tips in this section have helped you your issue.


Who gets Stretch Marks…?

  • Women carrying big babies or with multiple pregnancies in quick succession.
  • People who gain weight rapidly, or frequently fluctuate their weight up and down.
  • Fair skinned people; stretch marks appears less frequently in darker skinned people.
  • People whose skin lack in elastin.


As discussed in other articles, at its very basic level, stretch marks are caused by over extension of the dermis, causing a rip which becomes a scar over time. Although rarely dangerous, stretch marks can be uncomfortable for people to have, both physically and mentally. Although closely associated with women (largely because of pregnancy), a significant number of men suffer from the affliction due to weight or exercise issues.


The pregnant woman’s skin stretches a lot and rapidly during the pregnancy term. Some women even gain excessively, more than they should. The hormone relaxin causes collagen level in skin fibers to dive and this makes the skin more prone to developing lines. Its development cannot be stalled. Why some skins don’t get these marks or don’t get as many lines are largely attributed to the skin and body type. Some women are fortunate enough to be blessed with good elastic skin tone which they either inherited or earned through good diet and physical activity. You are a sure target for stretch marks if you gain excess weight rapidly and your body doesn’t have enough elastin and collagen to deal with this change.

If Stretch Marks are not preventable, can they be minimized?

I believe that stretch marks are preventable, although you must be aware of your risks of developing them.

  • The best medical approach for dealing with Stretch Marks is to be aware of the dangers, and if you are in a high risk category then try and prevent or minimise the impact of the potential scarring. For example, if you are undertaking a harsh exercise regime or become pregnant, and expect to rapidly change your body shape then prepare. There are many commercial creams out there such as TRILASTIN which will be of great assistance. Some people prepare for potential stretch marks by using cocoa butters or bio oils etc, which are readily available.

Of course it seems obvious, but where possible control your weight, so that the weight gain is both slower and easier on the body. Eating right will give your body every chance to avoid Stretch Marks, however people are still prone to get Stretch Marks as the pregnancy progresses. By keeping your weight gain at a healthy, steady level you will be able to minimize the gravity of this problem. Here are some books about healthy eating and pregnancy.

 Keep Options Open

Stretch Marks may not always disappear completely when you try a treatment, but remember, there are always other options.

There is some evidence that different stretch mark creams are more effective for some than others (and vica versa). However, don’t give up quickly. Some of the scars may take some time before any changes are noticed.

Try another brand of stretch mark cream, or maybe an oil and massage approach.

In the case that none of this works and see a specialist, but hopefully it won’t come to that. It would be very unusual for none of the established methods to work. There are still more extreme options, such as Laser therapy, still available.

Don’t Lose Heart…!

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