How Do Stretch Marks Happen?

Stretch marks are mostly caused due to pregnancy, bodybuilding and weight fluctuation. It is also known as striae in dermatological term. Applying ointment on best cream for stretch marksour damaged skin is the best way to get rid of stretch marks. Excessive stretching especially at the time of puberty and weight gain affects the elasticity of our skin. The main areas affected by these marks are stomach, legs, buttocks and breasts. Obviously that means that pregnancy is a very likely time for people to develop stretch marks.

Stretch marks are caused by overextension of the collagen, which is the fibre under the skin. They usually appear because of pregnancy, excessive weight gain and obesity. The bad news is that they are not supposed to disappear. The breaking process goes like this, as the fibre tears, you may see a thin red line that eventually turns white as it heals. Technically speaking, this is scar tissue, in such thin and hard to handle layers that it would be impossible to remove through surgery or other procedures that may also be very invasive.

Stretch Marks removal creams can repair the affected skin in our dermis easily. It nurtures and rejuvenates our skin from inside for providing a newer texture.

When Pregnant, Be Careful….Choose Your Stretch Mark Cream Wisely

For females who are planning to apply the cream while pregnant, it is advised that you take note of the best creams for stretch marks that are perfect for expecting mothers. You need a cream that is not only good at preventing these stretch marks but it also needs to be absolutely safe for both baby and mother. In this situation, it would be recommended that you decide with creams that are created from 100% natural ingredients because the risks of side effects are minimal. Top stretch mark creams, with good reputations are normally safe, but you should always check with your Doctor and the manufacturer. Check out the reviews on this site.

Many women during pregnancy use cocoa butter and shea butter as they are considered safe. Nevertheless, many women can’t bear the scent of cocoa butter. Fortunately, you can be assured that there are always alternatives in the market. will be overwhelmed to find many kinds of creams on the shelf. For example, you can check out the Trilastin SR review for more information on the Internet. Based on the customers’ responses, many regard their products as the best creams for stretch marks.

Other Ways to Help Your Stretch Marks After Pregnancy!

Creams and oils are definitely a way to go when pregnant because at the very least they will minimise the creation or depth of stretch marks. However there are other things you should do while pregnant.

Exercise: Even if you do not exercise normally, do so when pregnant. It avoids excess weight gain, it increases blood flow repairing damaged skin easier, and it tightens skin fibres. Walking, jogging, aerobics, yoga, and many other types of exercise will allow you to lose the extra weight more quickly and you will feel better at the end of each day.

Hydrate: We all know that drinking water is an excellent way to get yourself healthy. Well its the same for your skin, well hydrated skin is more flexible and less likely to rip an scar. Drink plenty of water, it might take a bit of getting used to but once you are use to it, you’d wonder how you lived without it before.

Moisturise: You can use a specialist oil or cream or use an additional moisturiser. Some doctors recommend moisturising at least twice a day when pregnant (I know nothing about this 🙂 ) Maybe consider using a general moisturiser for one session, and a specialist for another. As you are pregnant, its would be best to use a moisturising product that only contains natural ingredients.

There are some creams that are made of biological activators that may help you to stay away from unwanted stretch marks. Check out some reviews here.