H-Stretch Marks Formula is a specialised stretch mark removal oil produced by Healing Natural Oils. It is considered safe for pregnant women as it composed of completely natural products.  However, as a non-doctor, I ALWAYS recommend that you confirm this with your own doctor or medical practitioner as it may not account for allergies or other specific criteria.

It comes in the form of an oil and customers are instructed to massage it onto affected stretch mark areas three times per day. Results are typically seen after 3-6 weeks of use, but this varies by individual.


H-Stretch Marks Formula, as an oil made from a combination of  natural ingredients is a safe option, containing no drugs or artificial ingredients.

Designed to quickly seal in moisture of your skin, it should in short time begin to improve texture and tone of your skin. It should feel great to use, and be very gentle and soothing to the skin.

For best results customers are instructed to massage it onto affected stretch mark areas three times per day. It will take some 3 to 6 weeks to begin to see results, but this varies by individual.

List of Ingredients:

There are only six ingredients listed including:

  • Corylus avellana (Hazel) seed oil
  • Daucus carota sativa (Carrot) seed oil
  • Lavandula officinalis (Lavender) flower oil
  • Pogostemon cablin (Patchouli) leaf oil
  • Rosehip seed oil
  • Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) seed oil

Being only six ingredients, H-Stretch Marks Formula minimises the chance of any reactions and affords complete transparency to the end user.  I have found no reports of any reactions to the product.


There are many reasons why a user will consider to use H-Stretch Marks Formula.

The product is ALL NATURAL with only six HIGH QUALITY ingredients.

Its easy to use with clear and reasonable instructions.  The company DOES NOT make false promises or misleading claims.

Reviews are VERY positive.

There is a 90 day any reason guarantee, meaning you can try it for several weeks by when you should see results.  If it does not work for you (always a chance) simply return the H-Stretch Marks Formula oil for a refund.

products[1]TriLastin SR – Back Better than Ever !

So, since my original, extrememly positive review of TriLastin SR the company have gone and done what many of us didn’t think was possible – improved it !

TriLastin SR is one of the very best creams for stretch marks on the market. It is developed by EC Research Corp, an ‘A Rated’ company according to the Better Business Bureau. This company specialises in creams for specific issues such as cellulite or anti-aging cream as well as stretch marks. All are extensively tested, made of natural ingredients, and have no-quibble 60 day guarantees.

Trilastin SR – Check Out the Site Here !

One of the more established names in the market for all the right reasons, TriLastin is a highly regarded stretch mark cream that has considerable success rates when applied properly. Some critics have grumbled that the cream needs to be applied two to three times a day for it to work, but I believe you get what you put into it i.e. you won’t get anywhere if you don’t follow the rules. The results are there for everyone to see, check the net, there are hundreds of positive reviews, including mine. The official website has several studies including this two year study from actual customer Britney.

win bee

How Does TriLastin SR Work?

TriLASTIN-SR has been specifically created to deal with all kinds of stretch marks, prevent stretch marks, and generally make the skin healthier. Its not only pregnant women who get stretch marks, but other people who gain weight quickly such as bodybuilders and people with weight issues. TriLastin SR contains a variety of natural extracts, proteins, peptides, and anti-oxidants that work with your skin, directly targeting stretch marks. Scientifically developed to maximise stretch mark repair the unique proteins in Trilastin SR are extremely effective.
The company claims you can see the results in as little as three weeks, but I think this is a little quick. In fact it often can take weeks extra from this, and some users give up thinking it hasn’t worked, but it really hasn’t worked yet… this is one of the few complaints I have about the cream.

Trilastin SR – My Recommendation…..

Having to deal with weight problems all my life, I have constant battles with the dreaded stretch marks, mostly from rapid weight gain AND rapid weight loss. I have tried several, with varying degrees of success. TriLastin SR (the older formula) was the best success.
I know that there are many reviewers online that will tell you to buy anything just to make a sale, but I’m not that person. I take pride in being honest with my review on anything.
There are reasons not to purchase TriLastin as well, and I’d urge people to consider these before spending any money (even with the TriLastin guarantees)
  • Cost – Yes, its (I think) relatively expensive but isn’t it money well spent when you achieve your desired results? And you have a guarantee from EC Research Corp for 60 days which is plenty of time to try it. There are also discounts available for multiple purchases, which may be prudent given the time it may take to work.
  • The Time it Takes – 3 weeks is the company claim but it was closer to 5 for me, but then the changes occurred quickly. Its misleading I feel to promise results quickly, and some people will stop the regime as they did not get immediate results. Hopefully you’ll get them sooner than later, but give yourself best chance by keeping going. Remember you always have the guarantee from EC Research Corp.
  • Do you need it? If you are on this site probably yes, but if you are only checking things out, or have relatively minor scarring, maybe consider other alternatives such as bio -oil etc.
  • Application Regime – You must follow the instructions to maximise the chances of success i.e. 3 times daily for as long as it takes. Some people find this awkward – I didn’t and I’m a man in an office – I just excused myself for a few minutes and I was done. If you are not going to commit properly, save your money and try something else. EC Research have produced TriLastin HT, a pre-delivery system to help accelerate the transfer and absorption of TriLastin SR. Its recommended by several users as a complimentary product, but I’ve never used it myself.

celtrixa amazonOne of the very popular creams out there is Celtrixa which has been somewhat controversial with some users being convinced that it works, and others convinced its a waste of time.

How Does it Work ?

The main ingredient found in Celtrixa is Regestril which is a trademarked substance can only be found in this product. It is claimed that Regestril works by stopping the detrimental effects caused by damaged enzymes in the skin and also helps the formation of the molecules in the skin so it is able to recover and rejuvenate the dermis more rapidly.

Celtrixa reduces stretch marks but it also helps to prevent them from forming. It manages to achieve this by helping the skin to restore itself and then it forms a protective barrier.


Recommended Usage

It’s recommended that you apply Celtrixa twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.
It is further recommended that you continue to use it for a minimum of three months.

Things to Consider about Celtrixa

  • It doesn’t contain any synthetic ingredients, which makes it especially suitable for people with sensitive skin with less chance of side effects.
  • It’s less expensive than many other creams on the market.
  • Celtrixa is a safer option than surgical procedures, so its worth trying!
  • There’s less chance of side effects than with other methods, such as laser surgery.
  • Its only available online, but its available through Amazon so you can check out other customer reviews.
  • If you smoke or drink alcohol, the effects of Celtrixa reducing stretch marks are diminished and you may find it isn’t as effective.

My Recommendation

I said in my intro on the site that I would only recommend products that I think are worth it and will work. Although the price of Celtrixa is very cheap in comparison with other stretch mark creams, the very mixed reviews on Amazon have put me off purchasing it. Not for me I’m afraid 🙁

Seek alternatives to give you a better chance of success.

Goodbye Stretch Marks, by Linda James Smith, is a book for people who want to learn how to remove stretch marks and get back their confidence again.

This is currently the BEST SELLING STRETCH MARK eBOOK on clickbank, a huge online marketplace. Whilst I haven’t used the product itself, it has a good reputation, has a very low refund rate (less than 1% according to my research), and is certainly a viable alternative if you don’t want to rely on commercial stretch mark creams.

To check it our fully, click on the image below!

Goodbye Stretch Mark