Best Creams To Avoid Stretch marks

Are Stretch Marks Inevitable during Pregnancy?

The question is almost always asked.  Some people don’t suffer from stretch marks, for others the focus is often how to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy. This way you can prevent the development of the scarring before it happens. When the person doesn’t develop stretch marks, they were right, when they do, there is something wrong with the cream!! So, its a self fulfilling prophesy as to whether it has worked or not.

You can try to prevent the stretch marks but that they may happen anyway. 🙁 Stretch marks are a natural occurrence that occurs when the elasticity of the skin is over-burdened and a ‘tear’ or scar occurs. There are many potential reasons for this, but its usually a quick weight gain or loss by an individual. Unfortunately, pregnancy is an common case where stretch marks occur. It easy to ask about prevention rather than how to get rid of pregnancy stretch marks!

Potential methods as how to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy using topical creams such as bio-oils, coconut oils, or dedicated preventative stretch mark creams.

Before being Pregnant…..

OK, its not always as simple as knowing when you are going to have a baby (or try).  But when you are in that position the best method is planning. When asking how to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy, consider lifestyle changes (smoking, drinking, exercise) as well as topical creams. Every little helps! Planning can avoid you asking how to get rid of pregnancy stretch marks, as they never happened. 🙂

Being Pregnant…..

Dramatically increases the chance of developing stretch marks as there is normally periods if extreme body mass gain during the pregnancy. The elasticity of the epidermis usually pertains to your genetic constitute, so if you want to see if you are prone to stretch marks, ask your mother! It also is a period where you should avoid introducing anything of a chemical nature to your system, and to stay away from anything potentially harmful to either mother or baby. Before purchasing any stretch mark cream, see if these creams are safe for use by reading through stretch mark cream reviews. Reviews will help you find out the best cream to avoid stretch marks that’s appropriate for the skin. People are prepared to share their experiences so read and become informed. Let them tell you the best creams to avoid stretch marks. As a matter of course, always check with your Doctor when starting something new whilst pregnant.