Stretch Marks: A Problem For All

The first thing to acknowledge is that stretch marks are a potential problem for everyone. Although there are group of people who will be more likely to suffer this form of scarring, it is not unheard of that stretch marks affecting all sorts. The best cream for stretch marks for you is the one that gives you best results!


Many people assume that it just overweight people that get stretch marks, but the truth is very different. Many different groups of people suffer from this scarring and are seeking how to fade stretch marks. Men, women and young adults all get stretch marks for a variety of reasons like rapid weight gain, rapid weight loss, pregnancy, hormonal reasons, medications, the list is extensive. Even athletes, body builders and those that you see as healthy and fit get stretch marks – does any of that make you feel a bit better?

So DON’T be embarrassed or upset by your stretch marks. They are more common than you think and they are largely controllable with some effort. Most people want to fade stretch marks away from their lives.

If You Don’t Have Them Yet, But Think You Might Be High Risk…..

In these cases, prevention is better than cure. Be aware of how stretch marks are formed [plenty of articles about this on the site] , and focus in on appropriate methods for preventing scarring. For example, you may be prone to developing stretch marks if you expect to gain weight rapidly. You could experience this for several reasons, such as weight training, pregnancy, or a change in medications. Look for information and don’t be worried, lots of people are looking at how to fade stretch marks.

Pregnant, Going to Be Pregnant….

It is generally considered prudent not to use anything too strong while pregnant. Even though most commercial creams are extensively tested for safety, even they in the small print acknowledge a very small risk in pregnancy. The best solution is to use a natural product, which generally will not be as strong as a commercial solution, but has the advantage of being natural, and hopefully being used as a preventative rather than a cure.

They say prevention is better than cure for most things but most of us want to know how to fade stretch marks since we already have them. Many people swear by the early and frequent use of oils and butters that moisturise and give flexibility to the skin to allow for it to adapt to the future strains. Theses are easily available, for example, here is a list of pregnancy safe butters and oils available from Amazon.

Recently EX Research Corp, the makers of TriLastin SR, have introduced a new Trilastin Maternity range, but I have no experience with it.

Other Reasons to Expect Scarring to Occur

Lets get real here. The best cream for stretch marks is the one that does the job for you. There are many rival creams out there because of the demand for a perfect solution, and not everything works for everyone. Many people dismiss the cocoa oils and shea butters as moisturisers and not strong enough. However, others have reported significant fading of stretch mark scarring, so it mat be worth trying.

The more commercial, specifically designed creams are generally of a very high standard. Many people are desperate and when the next ‘miracle cure’ showing how to fade stretch marks enters the market they pounce on it. Time and time again they are left disappointed and sometimes less self-confident as their hopes of finding a cure fades.

The reason for failure is usually twofold:

  • treatment not given long enough to work.
  • the instructions aren’t followed.

Such simple things can be really detrimental to result. Another general thing is to try and be as healthy as can be, e.g. exercise which promotes blood circulation and scar recovery. And make sure you follow ALL the instructions, if it says apply in circle motions or massage for 5 minutes then do it!

How to Fade Stretch Marks? Creams Work!

Some of the best creams for stretch marks are reviewed on this site: Trilastin, Celtrixa, etc. Go read the reviews, and see do any suit you. Remember, TAKE ACTION NOW and within a couple of months you’ll know the difference, you’ll have your confidence back, your body back, and you will feel much happier generally.