Who gets Stretch Marks…?

  • Women carrying big babies or with multiple pregnancies in quick succession.
  • People who gain weight rapidly, or frequently fluctuate their weight up and down.
  • Fair skinned people; stretch marks appears less frequently in darker skinned people.
  • People whose skin lack in elastin.


As discussed in other articles, at its very basic level, stretch marks are caused by over extension of the dermis, causing a rip which becomes a scar over time. Although rarely dangerous, stretch marks can be uncomfortable for people to have, both physically and mentally. Although closely associated with women (largely because of pregnancy), a significant number of men suffer from the affliction due to weight or exercise issues.


The pregnant woman’s skin stretches a lot and rapidly during the pregnancy term. Some women even gain excessively, more than they should. The hormone relaxin causes collagen level in skin fibers to dive and this makes the skin more prone to developing lines. Its development cannot be stalled. Why some skins don’t get these marks or don’t get as many lines are largely attributed to the skin and body type. Some women are fortunate enough to be blessed with good elastic skin tone which they either inherited or earned through good diet and physical activity. You are a sure target for stretch marks if you gain excess weight rapidly and your body doesn’t have enough elastin and collagen to deal with this change.

If Stretch Marks are not preventable, can they be minimized?

I believe that stretch marks are preventable, although you must be aware of your risks of developing them.

  • The best medical approach for dealing with Stretch Marks is to be aware of the dangers, and if you are in a high risk category then try and prevent or minimise the impact of the potential scarring. For example, if you are undertaking a harsh exercise regime or become pregnant, and expect to rapidly change your body shape then prepare. There are many commercial creams out there such as TRILASTIN which will be of great assistance. Some people prepare for potential stretch marks by using cocoa butters or bio oils etc, which are readily available.

Of course it seems obvious, but where possible control your weight, so that the weight gain is both slower and easier on the body. Eating right will give your body every chance to avoid Stretch Marks, however people are still prone to get Stretch Marks as the pregnancy progresses. By keeping your weight gain at a healthy, steady level you will be able to minimize the gravity of this problem. Here are some books about healthy eating and pregnancy.

 Keep Options Open

Stretch Marks may not always disappear completely when you try a treatment, but remember, there are always other options.

There is some evidence that different stretch mark creams are more effective for some than others (and vica versa). However, don’t give up quickly. Some of the scars may take some time before any changes are noticed.

Try another brand of stretch mark cream, or maybe an oil and massage approach.

In the case that none of this works and see a specialist, but hopefully it won’t come to that. It would be very unusual for none of the established methods to work. There are still more extreme options, such as Laser therapy, still available.

Don’t Lose Heart…!