David asks…

Stretch mark creams while pregnant?

Can I use stretch mark creams while pregnant?
I will probably be using Mederma.
I’m already doing yoga and cocoa butter 3 times a day.
Are there better ones I could use?

Edels answers:

I’m on my third pregnancy, and in my first two, I didn’t use any 0ils/creams. I got heaps of stretchmarks the first time, and the second time added to the first lot.

This time though, I’ve been using bio oil for stretch marks. It’s helped, as I only have one new stretch mark.

All the oils and creams do is keep your body moisturised. The first answerer is right: there’s no real evidence that they help prevent stretch marks, although the added vitamins and minerals can help with the appearance of them.

My skin got excessively itchy before I broke out in stretch marks in my first two pregnancies, I put this down to dry dehydrated skin. Keeping my skin hydrated this time, I haven’t felt the itchiness as much, and when I do, I head straight for the bio oil for stretch marks.

I think if you’re already moisturising your skin, there’s not a whole lot more you can use. You don’t really want to over-do it, especially if your skin doesn’t need it.

*And no, stretch marks are not hereditary. Your mum can have them, but your elastin count could be different, so you might not get them.

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